This Morning fury as cop tells women to wear ‘trainers’ on nights out so they can run from men after Sarah Everard case


THIS Morning fans have been left fuming after a police expert advised women to wear comfy shoes on nights out – in case they need to run from men.

Retired detective Sue Hill appeared on the show today in the wake of Sarah Everard‘s disappearance after walking home in South West London.

Retired cop Sue Hill’s stark safety advice didn’t down well with some

She said: “Be aware of your surroundings, be alert. Make sure that you’re wearing shoes that you can run away if need be.

“Also take your headphones out – you can hear things better. Keep looking over your shoulder.”

But one viewer wrote: “This woman on #thismorning is infuriating me.

“Make sure YOU wear trainers so you can run away, don’t listen to music or have headphones in so YOU can hear more clearly 🤦‍♀️.

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“No! How about SOME men don’t assault or kidnap people?! How about that?!”

Another tweeted: “If I am walking the street alone I should not be a target. I will not just wear trainers just in case I need to run away!”

A third said: “Hi #ThisMorning next time you bring someone onto the show to talk about women’s safety, could you make sure she focuses on teaching our sons to respect women instead of telling us women to wear trainers and take our headphones out at night #wearenottheproblem.”

Sue, a long-time contributor on crime issues stressed that women should not have to keep themselves safe but stressed the risks of going out at night.

She added: “If you’ve had a few drinks you’re more vulnerable because you’re more likely to take a few more risks.

“It’s not women’s responsibility to keep themselves safe. They should be able to walk out there, of course they should.

“But we all know they can be more vulnerable if you’re out and about late at night.”

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