Teen Mom Jenelle Evans’ ‘unemployed’ husband David Eason appears to ask mom for ‘gas money’ on the phone in new video


TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans’ “unemployed” husband David Eason appeared to ask his mom for “gas money” on the phone in her new YouTube video.

Fans have previously mocked David for claiming he was an influencer and a model.

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Youtube / JenelleEason

Jenelle Evans shared a video on YouTube with David Eason[/caption]

Youtube / JenelleEason

He seemingly asked his mom for gas money as they drove over state lines[/caption]

Youtube / JenelleEason

Kaiser was with the couple as they were about to drop him off with Nathan[/caption]

Jenelle, 29, shared a YouTube video on Wednesday morning, titled Road Trip In a Snow Storm, where she filmed her trip with David, Kaiser, Ensley, and their dog as they traveled 12 hours between North Carolina and Tennesse.

In the video, the couple stopped to get more gas while the camera was filming David, 32, pumping gas into the car while on the phone.

As he was getting into the car, he said whoever was on his phone: “That’s why I was telling you earlier that I could meet you at the store or the ATM to get gas money.”

Jenelle then turned to the camera and whispered: “He’s talking to his mom.”


Fans had previously slammed David for being unemployed[/caption]

David seemingly asking his mom for money comes after fans have slammed him multiple times for being unemployed, while Jenelle is self-employed.

They even poked fun at the father of three as he deemed himself a model when posing with a gun and calling himself an influencer as he asked for $49 per Cameo video.

At another point, fans had asked him to get a “real job” as he asked them what they would want to see if he entered a celebrity boxing match.

One fan wrote: “I would like to see him get a real job and stop f**king trying to be a celebrity.”

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They made fun of the couple as they believed that Jenelle paid for her own wedding ring[/caption]

Back in February, Jenelle had to deny that she had bought her own $10K wedding ring as David forges knives for sale.

On TikTok, Jenelle showed off her wedding ring, as well as the black and white silicone bands she wears on her ring finger every day.

But Jenelle was met with negative comments after she posted the video.


David and Jenelle have been married since 2017[/caption]

After seeing a close-up of her diamond ring, one troll called her and her husband out, claiming: “She paid for her own ring.”

Shocked by the accusation, Jenelle clapped back while revealing the cost of the jewelry: “I def didn’t pay $10k for my own ring. F***kkkk that.”

Another rude user made the same claim, writing: “You know you paid for that wedding ring lmao”

Jenelle quickly defended her husband David, firing back: “Uhm… when I got paid David also got paid.”

The two starred on Teen Mom 2, but were ultimately fired from the show after David shot and killed their family dog, Nugget, claiming the pet bit their daughter Ensley, 4.

Another fan agreed with the original commenter, writing: “THIS! Amen to this. He doesn’t work so of course she did.”


Jenelle has said she is self-employed[/caption]

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