Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s mom Debra, 63, slams troll after they tell her she needs ‘help’ as she shares her rap video


TEEN Mom Farrah Abraham’s mother Debra Danielson fought back against the haters who criticized her rap career.

The reality star star has faced serious backlash over her musical ambitions, as many believe her music videos to be outlandish.

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Debra Danielson lashed out at internet trolls[/caption]

Debra, 63, recently shared a clip from her “White Woman’s Rap” video to Instagram, as she thanked fans for their support on the track.

The mom of two wrote: “Just wanted to THANK all my fans for the support and encouragement from my summer single ‘White Woman’s Rap!’

“We are at nearly 130K views on YouTube! I appreciate you all so much, and if you haven’t seen the full video yet, you can check it on my bio link! #debradanielsen.”

Many fans were not pleased by the video, as they took to the comments to slam the grandmother for her content.


She is mother to MTV star Farrah Abraham[/caption]


A fan questioned Deb’s sanity[/caption]

One fan in particular questioned Debra’s sanity, writing: “Might not be a bad idea to get a psychiatric evaluation.”

The MTV star felt compelled to hit back at her hater, as she quickly snapped in the comments.

“I think anyone not supportive of female empowerment and positive body image should,” she claimed, before adding the hashtags, “#womenhistorymonth #womensupportingwomen.”

The Teen Mom star’s White Woman’s Rap song has received negative feedback previously, as the public criticized her wild outfits and “off the rails” dance moves. 


Deb’s rap music videos have faced controversy[/caption]


Many believe her costuming to be alarming[/caption]

The star has been promoting her blossoming rap career through her social media platforms, including an OnlyFans account.

Earlier this week the TV personality stunned her followers when she promoted her new single while wearing a low-cut blazer revealing cleavage.

The grandma mouthed the words to the song while dancing and showing off her pinstripe suit and bowler hat.

“A little sample of my new song being released soon: ‘Bullets & Booze’! What do you think? Check out the full video on my YouTube in the link in bio,” the controversial star used as her caption.


Debra promoted her new single this week[/caption]


She danced and mouthed the words to the song[/caption]

Debra spoke exclusively to The Sun this past August about her goals in the music industry, as she shared her aspiration to “encourage women empowerment.”

She continued: “A lot of people don’t realize I am a singer and rapper. I’m not on drugs, I’m not high, I’m an artist. I love music. What you see in my videos is who I am. I want this to be about my music and my music career. 

“The fact that I am in my own lane. I’m trying to encourage and inspire people who have dreams and feel like they are too old or not talented enough. I am here to tell them they have to believe in themselves. That’s the point of my music. To have courage, tenacity and to just do it.”

The blonde also spoke about her inspirations, including pop star Selena Gomez.


Debra said her inspiration was Selena Gomez[/caption]


She is grandmother to 12-year-old Sophia[/caption]

She confessed: “I love Selena Gomez. I love her song, Lose You to Love Me. I went to my team and said, ‘I love this song.’ I told them about an experience of mine.

“This experience was so hard on me I couldn’t write the words. My vocal coach in Barcelona wrote it. I went over and personalized it. I will record in studio September 3. It’s about love and loss.”

Debra is mom to Farrah, 29, and grandmother to Sophia Abraham, 12.

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