Teen Mom Farrah Abraham slammed for sharing bizarre video of her dog Billionaire ‘licking’ her underwear


TEEN Mom Farrah Abraham was blasted for sharing a bizarre video of her dog Billionaire “licking” her underwear.

She shared the footage to TikTok on Wednesday after her 12-year-old daughter Sophia claimed their pet pooch is a “gay” dog, who enjoys eating her mom’s pants.

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Farrah Abraham was slammed for the pile of underwear on the floor – and allowing her dog to lick the clothes[/caption]


Billionaire looks sheepish as he eyes the camera[/caption]


He could be seen enjoying the mound of clothes left on the floor[/caption]

The strange clip was reposted on a Reddit thread entitled “Why the hell would anyone keep their underwear and lingerie in a heap on the floor?” where it was blasted by users.

Billionaire could be seen licking a large pile of underwear as he sheepishly looked at the camera.

“Stage 5 clinger alert,” Farrah captioned the video. “IDK [I don’t know] obsessed with my underwear and licks my face.”

She added the hashtags  #clingypet  #pandemicpuppy  #puppy and  #teenmom – but viewers were horrified by the weird footage of her dog and the mass of clothes on the ground.

“That little dog was probably chewing the crotches out of the underwear and then licking her face. She is a gross,” commented one user


Farrah was recently slammed for blow-drying Billionaire’s fur[/caption]


Fans said it wasn’t good for the dog[/caption]

“Lmfao omg girl noooooo. Why post this for the world to see Farrah,” wrote another, while a third demanded: “What the fuck did I just watch?”

A fourth said: “Go back and watch the videos from around Christmas time. Piles and piles of food on the small kitchen counter. Farrah is either a hoarder or extremely messy.”

“A dog that little could easily die from blockage from eating the fabric,” noted another person. “It’s gross and dangerous.”

A sixth user remarked: “I really hope that’s a dirty clothes pile. If Farrah is wearing underwear that’s been laying on the floor with the crotch licked by a dog.”

“Did she… deliberately have the dog lick her face for the camera afterwards? This feels seriously creepy to me,” wrote another fan.

Last week, Farrah received backlash for drying Billionaire off after his bath when she put him in a suit, which was attached to a blow dryer and blew hot air at him.

Sophia Abraham claimed her dog was gay and liked to eat her mom's lingerie

She claimed she was proud of him for being gay[/caption]


They’ve had Billionaire since he was a puppy[/caption]

In addition to Billionaire, Farrah and her 12-year-old daughter Sophia have pet dogs named Boo and Cupcake.

Back in February, her tween daughter Sophia revealed that Billionaire was “gay” and enjoyed chowing down on undergarments.

In a video shared by fan account Teen Mom Chatter, Sophia was talking to the camera as she said: “So I was saying, my dog Billionaire, he is gay and I’m proud of him for being gay.

“One of his top habits is eating my mom’s lingerie. So my favorite thing about him is he loves going into shoes and he loves eating the shoes but he can go into girls’ shoes too.

“And on my Cameo today, one of their dogs was gay and I thought of Billionaire because he’s my gay poodle and I love him.”

Meanwhile, the mother of one was slammed for bringing Billionaire with her to get tested for Covid-19 back in November.

The odd comments come days after Farrah was slammed for calling her daughter rude in a bizarre Instagram video.


Sophia Abraham claimed her dog was gay and liked to eat her mom’s lingerie[/caption]


Farrah was recently slammed for ranting about her daughter in a public video[/caption]

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Who’s in the cast this season?

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