Kendall Jenner shows off her tiny figure in sports bra and leggings after she is accused of ‘photoshopping’ body in pics


KENDALL Jenner showed off her tiny figure in sports bra and leggings after being accused of ‘photoshopping’ body in recent photos.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star treated fans to Instagram footage of her working out in light green leggings and crop top as she engaged in some self care.

Kendall Jenner showed off her physique during a gym workout
Kendall was previously slammed for seemingly engaging in photoshopping shenanigans

The 25-year-old, who has launched her own tequila, exercised her lithe limbs on a gym equipment as she deftly took a video selfie of herself.

Kendall also posted footage of herself relaxing by working with meditative singing bowls, a hobby she says she’s still “learning” because it “helps me feel good.”

Creating soothing sounds, she caption the footage: “If you’re having a bad day, I love you.”

She added: “It’s all temporary everything will be ok.”

Kendall also treated fans to a soothing singing bowl session
Kendall said the meditative process ‘helps me feel good’

Her self care post comes after she was slated for engaging in some photoshopping skulduggery as her belly button and waist appeared to glitch in a video of her in floral underwear.

She was also berated by fans who claimed she had been photoshopped in an image where she is posing in red lingerie.

In the floral underwear images, the Celeb Plastic account shared a recent Instagram video which had been visibly modified to create a slimmer version of her body.

In the video, Kendall was posing in front of a mirror while wearing only a bra and underwear, when her belly button and sides glitch to make her look slimmer.

Fans thought her belly button and waist had glitched in this image

The account posted: “Kendall Jenner’s most recent photoshop fail. Her stomach & belly button glitch because she was using a body filter.

“This is so heartbreaking. She has one of the most toned & fit bodies I’ve ever seen and she still uses editors. It’s really sad.”

Fans flocked to the comment section to criticize the model, with one saying: “It’s very obvious that this video is photoshopped. I’m honestly gonna die if people still say otherwise.”

A second one shared: “Never enough … even with her body.”

Kendall’s bodily proportions were said to be off-kilter in this image

A third fan commented: “It’s very sad because her insecurities would probably make other girls feel bad. Specifically young girls that are still trying to learn how to love themselves.”

And another wrote: “Bruh, the entire right side of the video glitches with it, why she’d even post that.”

Kendall, who recently went public about her romance with Devin Booker, was also accused of photoshopping another photo of herself in red lingerie.

She shared a series of sexy shots and videos that showed her posing with her sisters Kim Kardashian, 40, and Kylie Jenner, 23, to promote Kim’s upcoming campaign for her SKIMS Fits Everybody collection.

Kendall recently went public with her boyfriend Devin Booker

While many praised her in the comments section of the post, others accused her of “promoting unrealistic body standards.”

A number of fans took to social media to slam the reality star as they claimed she “photoshopped” the lingerie photos.

Alongside a mirror selfie that showed Kendall in the undergarments, the Instagram account Problematic Fame wrote: “This photo is very photoshopped. Kendall is obviously very gorgeous but these are not her real proportions, nor are they anybody’s.

“Please don’t compare yourself to heavily edited images. Even Kendall doesn’t look like this irl.”

All this comes as Kendall’s sister Kim Kardashian deals with a divorce from Kanye West

Sharing side by side photos from the shoot that showed Kendall’s body looking slightly different, the account added: “She is posing in both, yet one is clearly photoshopped.

“Nobody’s belly button is just a tiny slit, nobody has a completely flat stomach 24/7.

“Everyone is gorgeous just as they are. This ridiculous photoshop needs to stop.”

Fans took to Twitter as they slammed Kendall for promoting an unrealistic body type.

One wrote: “The whole family of them should be called out they all photoshop and facetune their pics to death and create this f**king unrealistic standard no one can ever achieve.”

Another person added: “Stop taking advantage and making money off of young women’s insecurities. It’s gross and this is 2021, let’s leave it in the past and in the trash.”

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