How to watch Girl in the Basement and is it a true story?


GIRL in the Basement is a new film about a girl looking to escape her father, who is keeping her captive.

The movie is based on a true story dating back to 2008.


Girl in the Basement is based on a true story[/caption]

How do I watch Girl in the Basement?

Girl in the Basement isn’t currently available on Netflix.

Those lucky enough to catch the premiere did so on Lifetime on February 27.

Since then, it’s been made available to buy on Amazon Prime Video.

It’s $3.99 in standard definition and $4.99 in HD.

A teenager is locked in a basement by her dad

Is it based on a true story?

Sadly yes, Girl in the Basement is based on real events.

Back in 2008, the Josef Fritzl case came to light – he had been keeping his daughter Elisabeth as prisoner in his basement in Amstetten, Austria from just after her 18th birthday.

She was keen to travel at 18, but he locked her away in 1984.

He told anyone that asked she had run away to join a cult and wouldn’t be coming back.

Over the years, she suffered extreme sexual abuse.

In total she gave birth to seven children while in the basement. One died in childbirth, three lived in the basement, and three were brought up to the house with Josef pretending they were foundlings.

The truth came out after one of the children became seriously ill and needed to go to hospital.

Josef pled guilty to several charges and is serving a life sentence in Krems-Stein prison.


The film premiered on Lifetime[/caption]

What is Girl in the Basement about?

Girl in the Basement is about a teenager, Sara, who’s about to turn 18th – she’s excited because she plans to leave home so she no longer has to be under the rule of her controlling dad, Don.

However, Don then locks her in the basement of their home.

Warning – spoilers if you read on.

After convincing his skeptical wife Irene that their daughter ran away, he goes to the basement to torture and rape her.

Meanwhile Irene and Sara’s sister Amy live upstairs.

Sara gives birth to several children over the years, with Don then pretending their youngest son was left on their doorstep with a note from Sara saying she couldn’t look after him.

Decades pass and Sara escapes – and everyone finds out about her horrific ordeal that lasted for over 20 years.

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