Dermot O’Leary’s family not ‘interesting’ enough for Who Do You Think You Are?


WHO Do You Think You Are? has unveiled all sorts in the past – murderers, links to royalty and a descendant of God.

Unfortunately for Dermot O’Leary, researchers found nothing of the sort. In fact, they found literally nothing.

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TV host Dermot O’Leary is so frustrated after bosses of Who Do You Think You Are? said they found nothing interesting on his family past[/caption]

The discovery, or lack of, left the former X Factor host – whose family come from Wexford, Ireland — frustrated because he had it on “good authority” his clan have an interesting past.

He revealed: “They actually researched my family for about three months. They came back and said, ‘There’s just not enough interesting stuff about your family’.

“Wexford is a port town, and my family are all seafaring folk. I have it on good authority that two of them went to America. One of them was a police officer and the other was a judge and they both got killed by the Mafia in the 30s. They couldn’t find any record of this. I was like, ‘What are you on about?’ We’ve been everywhere, we’re a family of sailors.’

“I just don’t think they were trying hard enough. It’s awful isn’t it? Absolutely awful.” Dermot, who made the revelation on the Snot, Sweat & Tears motherhood podcast, isn’t dwelling too much on the disappointment, though.

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The former X-Factor host, married to TV director Dee Koppang O’Leary, had it on ‘good authority’ his clan have an interesting past[/caption]

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He said of the show which has unveiled all sorts, from murders to royalty links, ‘I just don’t think they were trying hard enough’[/caption]

The telly host, married to TV director Dee Koppang O’Leary, said the pandemic has taught him to be more thankful for the little things in life.

Dermot said: “It makes you think, ‘Do I need that water that comes from Fiji or can I just filter some tap water?’

“It’s appreciating the smaller stuff, whether it’s a cup of coffee or a walk in the park. It’s just turning off the phone and making time for yourself.

“Please God, we don’t go back to working the way we used to. People don’t want to work like that. They weren’t happy, it makes you die young.” I couldn’t agree more . . . 

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However, Dermot reveals that the pandemic taught him to be grateful and ‘appreciate the smaller stuff’[/caption]


PREGNANT Love Island host Laura Whitmore could be about to join a long line of celebrity mothers who have eaten their placentas.

She’s even come up with a clever way of making the afterbirth taste more palatable – turning it into her favourite sweets.


Laura’s come up with a clever way of making the afterbirth taste more palatable – turning it into her favourite sweets[/caption]

Laura said: “You can make anything out of a placenta these days. I like jelly beans or they could make it into gummy bears – I’d give that a go.”

Other famous faces who’ve taken the unusual step, which is supposed to provide vitamins and hormones, include Coleen Rooney and Kourtney Kardashian.

Laura revealed her idea to her co-star on Celebrity Juice, Keith Lemon, during an Instagram Live session – and even offered to let everyone on the show try her unique confectionery.

She said: “I’ll bring it in and share. It’s full of iron and really good stuff.” I bet they can’t wait.

Coventry's time to shine

THE BBC is making a string of programmes to celebrate Coventry’s year as UK City of Culture.

Highlights include a documentary about Delia Derbyshire, who helped create Doctor Who’s theme tune, a film about the car industry, a poetry and spoken word festival, and a show about the rebuild of Coventry Cathedral after its bombing in World War Two.


WHEN Harry Redknapp triumphed in the jungle in 2018, he hadn’t put a foot wrong for three weeks – charming the nation with his off-the-cuff remarks and love for his wife Sandra.

But three years on from his win, he’s finally come clean about a darker moment – giving Fleur East a bar of contaminated soap.

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Harry Redknapp came clean and admitted he had just washed his bum with a bar of soap before handing it to Fleur East in the jungle[/caption]

The football legend has finally admitted that eagle-eyed viewers were right when they thought he’d cleaned his bum before giving the X Factor singer the toiletry.

He revealed: “Well, I’ve got my shorts on and my underpants and I’m washing myself and I’ve got the soap and I’m washing my backside, terrible really, and I’ve given it to Fleur.

“I came out and my wife said to me, ‘Harry, what did you do there? That was so embarrassing.’ I said, ‘I never did that.’ She said, ‘You did.’

“Anyway, someone showed me the video – I actually did it. And the worst thing was, she washed her face with it. Terrible, isn’t it?”

Harry made the confession on Dave comedy show Unforgivable, where celebs admit their worst secrets.

He says he’s told wife of 53 years Sandra some giant fibs too, including about how many racehorses he owns.

Harry admitted: “She thinks I only had one horse, you see, but I’ve actually got ten. She’s got no idea.” Until now . . . 

Emmy-nominated David's new role

DAVID Oyelowo and Gugu Mbatha-Raw will star in upcoming psychological thriller The Girl Before on BBC1.

Emmy-nominated David plays an architect while Gugu is Jane, who moves into his house and must follow his rules to the letter – but soon makes a shocking discovery.

The four-part series is adapted from JP Delaney’s best-selling novel of the same name.

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