Dan Osborne dad-shamed after refusing to tell off daughter Mia when she slaps him in the face


DAN Osborne has been dad-shamed after refusing to tell off daughter Mia when she slapped him in the face.

Fans took to social media to have a go at the Towie star for not disciplining his daughter after she repeatedly whacked him.


Dan got dad-shamed by his Instagram followers[/caption]

Dan, 29, laughed it off when his two-year-old hit him.

The stunned father-of-three said to her: “What is wrong with you? I’ve got this on video. You’re going to see it back and you are going to say sorry.”

Dan, who held onto his sore cheek, laughed: “Jesus Christ baby. That’s not good. That hurt, ” and continued to chuckle.

He added: “I’m getting knocked out.”


Dan saw the funny side[/caption]


Little Mia gave him a whack[/caption]


The tough toddler did it a few times as her dad laughed on[/caption]

He captioned the video on his Instastories: “How can someone so cute then turn to this. Terrible twos in full swing,” he added with laughing emojis.

Dan, who has daughters Mia and Ella, six, with I’m A Celeb’s Jacqueline Jossa, and son Teddy, seven, from a previous relationship, then revealed he had a barrage of messages from parents who were less than amused that he let the toddler get off so lightly.

He said: “I’ve already had a couple of people jump on it. ‘Why are you letting your daughter do that? What if she did that to another kid.’

“No my kids play fight with their dad, they hit their dad and I take a smack.


Dan defended himself on Instagram[/caption]


The father-of-three said his kids don’t hit other kids[/caption]


He said he enjoyed play-fighting with his kids and he can take a hit[/caption]

So what? That’s what dads are for.”

He added: “They just hit their dad. So calm down. They are not hitting you, are they?”

They know not to do it to other kids. We are not even around any other kids.”


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