BTS: When the K-pop band members revealed where they want to be in ten years


BTS has taken the entertainment world by storm. And it’s not just restricted to music. Their popularity is just brilliant and it is only going to increase further. If you would ask anyone from the ARMY, about their future, they would only have great things to say about how the band would keep on inspiring people with their work and create more chartbusters. Who knows, some might even become full-fledged actors. In a past appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, they were asked about where they would like to see themselves after 10 years and their replies are mostly hilarious. Have a look at the video in which they also give cute introductions and more.

Meanwhile, a few days ago, J-Hope released the full version of Blue Side. In a letter addressed to the ARMY, he wrote, “It’s March 2. It has been three years since the Hope World mixtape came to life. Back then, I think I was in a rush to let everyone hear my music. So I let creativity take over and let my body do whatever it wanted to do. I remember, I wrote whatever came to mind as it did. Now that I listen and look back, I feel a little embarrassed about it. Haha.”

The letter further read, “But I know that the courage and the mindset I had back then is what led to the birth of the mixtape that is Hope World. Sometimes I miss those times. The times when I was an innocent boy, putting out string of music about whatever was on my mind. And that sentiment is probably why I decided to complete Blue Side.”

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