Bachelor Matt James secretly visited Heather Martin in her hometown & ‘really hit it off’ after he ‘dumped’ show winner


BACHELOR Matt James secretly visited Heather Martin in her hometown of San Diego after the star recently “dumped” the show’s winner, The Sun can reveal. 

The couple “really hit it off” despite Matt sending the contestant home just minutes after she rolled up in her mini van for a shocking mid-season surprise arrival.  

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Matt James is ‘secretly seeing’ past contestant Heather Martin after the show[/caption]


The reality star spent ‘one-on-one time’ with Matt in her San Diego, California hometown[/caption]


Matt was shocked when Heather surprised him for a chance at love weeks into the season[/caption]

Heather, 25, came late onto this season of The Bachelor after her best friend, former Bachelorette Hannah Brown, encouraged her to pursue a relationship with Matt, 29.

Despite the ABC leading man appearing happy by the unexpected arrival, he immediately eliminated Heather out of fairness to the other women.

Months later, a source exclusively revealed to The Sun that Matt and Heather have since rekindled and are exploring a romance. 

The insider claimed that the New Yorker has been in Los Angeles for the past few weeks due to Bachelor filming – including the After The Final Rose finale.

According to the source, Matt has “been hanging out a lot with his old pal Hannah Brown and her best friend, Heather Martin when he’s been in California.”

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Heather Martin and Hannah Brown have remained close since filming Colton Underwood’s season together[/caption]


Hannah went on to become close pal’s with Tyler Cameron’s BFF, Matt James[/caption]


Heather claimed Hannah encouraged the couple as they would be ‘perfect together’[/caption]

“The three of them have hung out a lot in LA and Matt even went to San Diego to spend time with Heather one-on-one,” the insider claimed. 

“They’ve spent a couple days together just the two of them and have really hit it off. They are not in a relationship yet, they’re taking it slow until Matt’s season is done airing. 

“He’s still working through a lot and is not trying to jump from one relationship to another. 

“But Heather has been head-over-heels about Matt for a long time and feels this is finally her shot now that he’s newly single. She’s all in,” the source added.

After first appearing on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, the San Diego native attempted to steal Matt’s heart by showing up in a mini van during the middle of the season. 

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Heather Martin arrived on The Bachelor mid-season in a minivan[/caption]


The blonde beauty shocked Matt and the other ladies when she arrived mid-season[/caption]


The duo appeared to get along before Heather was ultimately sent home[/caption]

She received an unfriendly welcome from the group of girls who were furious at the idea of having to share their man with a newcomer. 

Just a few minutes after she arrived, Matt sent the blonde beauty home and the two were never given an opportunity to explore their relationship. 

Fans began to speculate if the pair were now seeing each other after she was noticeably cut out of the Women Tell All. 

However, the source told The Sun that “producers felt Heather’s storyline could not be organically included in the Women Tell All special because there was so much else to cover.”

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Matt spent time with the California girl in her San Diego hometown[/caption]


Hannah Brown moved from Alabama to Los Angeles after filming the show with Heather[/caption]

“The execs realize her whole storyline turned out to be really awkward and fans didn’t respond well so they did not want to emphasize it further. 

“The WTA was edited before Heather and Matt recently started hanging out so their current fling wouldn’t have anything to do with her not being shown,” the informant claimed. 

Last week, The Sun exclusively revealed Matt “dated then dumped” his season’s winner after “blindsiding” her with a recent breakup. 



The Bachelor recently ‘blindsided and dumped’ the winner of his season[/caption]

Matt didn’t get down on one knee during the finale however, he was still “happy” with Rachael Kirkconnell, 24, up until he recently called it quits, an insider alleged. 

The split came as online fury rages on over Rachael’s resurfaced photos from 2018 that show her attending an “Old South” Antebellum-themed party.

“He previously had no issues with those photos until ABC kept pressing the issue.

Rachael Kirkconnell came under fire for attending an Antebellum themed party in 2018
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The Matt James frontrunner was ‘blindsided’ with a recent split[/caption]

“Matt expressed repeatedly expressed how bad he felt that people were not supporting Rachael and stood by her throughout. 

“But it seems Matt decided that his image was being tarnished too much and he gave in,” the insider added.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8pm ET on ABC.

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